In the name of Fashion or whtever…..

OK today me and my friend were up to some PHOTO SHOOT. But I guess it was a bit too sunny.. Most of the pics turned out quiet BAD.

anyways, here are some tht I Edited and FIXED to some extent.

I even posted one of these looks on LOOKBOOK. Here’s the Link and PLZZ HYPE!!

Most of my outfit are from American Apparel, except for the Gray T-Shirt which is from Urban Outfitters. Oh the Glasses(Readers, frames) are real Prescription Glasses. They are called SUPER Ciccio Frames made in Italy. You can find them at and Shoes are from Timberland. The Book is THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING by Milan Kundera. The leather Pouch is from American Apparel too. SO i will be leaving the link to all the Items below.






OH and my Partner in Crime-

SO thats it for now. This is a Fashion related Post so If you dont like then KEEP it to yourself. LOL! Oh I hope some people are happy to see my FACE finally!

OK I admit i am not a BIG LOOKBOOK fan.. i think its a bit too narcissistic.

BUT I Just went through some of my favorite lookbookers looks and THEY YET again leave me in a AWE State! always INSPIREing ME!!! SO here I have come up with some looks that I think are Obtainable So I am heading shopping this week and am gonna TRY and MATCH these looks.

here they are:

Jordan Henrion

Jordan Henrion

Pascal Grob

Pascal Grob

WISH ME LUCK! I am gonna post my pics by the end of this month!



Instead of going through the ordeal of having to post anything Fashion related… I will Post a link to an amazing Fashion website- made by none other than my FAVORITE lookbooker Pascal Grob! 

You have to click on the HEADER of this post to get into his Webpage! To make things even more easier, heres a link to his LOOKBOOK Page itself