#10: Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski


massively entertaining. This was my first Bukowski Read so i fell in love with it instantly… but now that i have read most of his work I can assuredly say that I am not a Bukowski fan. i got tiered of his writing style very soon. 

#9: Diary of a wimpy kid: series by Jeff Kinney


this series kept me entertained throughout the year. LOL funny. I wish these books were published each week..

#8: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk


massively entertaining read. Palahniuk’s style is very distinct and innovative.

#7: A murder is announced by Agatha Christie


suspenseful.. very good twist(s).

#6: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy


Intense and yet easy Read at the same time. 

#5: Maus by Art Spiegalman


A must-read! 

#4: Old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway


a very meditative and philosophical book. too bad its too short.

#3: Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safron Foer


this book is Extremely GOOD and Emotionally Close to my heart! a MUST-MUST-READ!!!

#2: The day of the Triffids by John Wyndham


a book wayyy ahead of its time. I loved every single bit of this book. wish it went on forever.. actually the characters do stick in your head much after the book’s ended…

and now the Number one spot goes to!

#1: Animal farm by George Orwell


this book is an Absolute Must-READ! 


6/50 2012 50Book Challenge

This book was pretty Awesome. It was for the most part unpredictable. SO many twists. Though, I could guess who the killer was, I could never guess WHY? SO as usual, a very good Miss Marple Book.


4/50 4th for 2012 50BookChallege.

This Barely felt like a Ms.Marple series. As a matter of fact Miss Marple is barely in the story. She makes her entry at around page 120.. and the book is 160 pages long. And even when she makes her entry her input is very Low key. 

The Suspense element is very Minimal in this one and the Murders seem least interesting. The plot seems like an almost Happy-Go-Lucky Village Tale. 

I am giving this a 3 stars for being short and quick and happy!!!

this is my Book Collection Part 1.

Books I bought in U.K. all of them from Waterstones..

36/50 36th book for my April2011-April2012 50book challenge.

3/50 3rd book for my 2012 50book challenge.

Another Fantastic BOOK. 160 pages. Quick Read. 

Loved Every bit of it. The ending was SOOooo Clever… I could not have guessed the ending in a Million years… I can never Guess with Christie.. I actually had to read the ending twice. LOL!

So tht pretty much proves tht i am A Agatha Christie love-sick-puppy from now on!

HIGHLY Recommended!!!


(2/50 2nd book on my 2012 book challenge)

This is my first ever Agatha Christie/Miss Marple Experience.

Heard a lot about Christie Over the years… Who hasnt?? SO finally decided to get some. mostly because the Cover art looks great..(Yes I do buy a book by its cover).

SO Murder at the Vicarage was 250 pages Suspense ride. I couldnot see the ending coming. Truth be told, as much as i love reading Suspense novels, there are things about the reading experience tht i absolutely dislike. For instance the Suspense itself.. “what happens at the end? Who is the Killer?” the Questions just gnaws my BRAIN. Oh tht feeling is just too Unbearable!!… it takes me soo much constraint to not Wikipedia the whole thing.. Yes! I dont have patience at all. Thank God, Christie’s books are short and to the point. 

But none the less, Loved this book. Superbly written.. Enjoyed every bit of it. I am in love with Miss Marple!!!